Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Movie "Footloose" Inspired by Elmore, Oklahoma Prom

"Footloose" has always been one of my favorite teen movies. All that happy dancing at the end with Kevin Bacon leading the way! Well, imagine my surprise to learn that the movie was inspired by a real incident that took place in Elmore, Oklahoma! Yup. Check out this April 16, 2010 Oklahoman article entitled "Elmore City re-creates prom that inspired 'Footloose' film: Okies say they weren’t as fancy free as ‘footloose’ characters." The city celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first prom on April 17. At the url above you can also watch a video featuring (to quote the NewsOK website) "Mary Ann Temple-Lee and Leonard Coffee (who) were high school sweethearts and junior class officers who campaigned for Elmore City High School’s first prom in 1980. They inspired the principal characters of the 1984 hit movie "Footloose.” They will be the guests of honor and parade marshals Saturday at an event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first prom."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Norman artist Debby Kaspari's home destroyed by tornado tonight

Tonight Oklahoma got hit by tornadoes.  Many homes were destroyed, buildings were torn apart, cars got tossed about.  Sadly three were killed in Tecumseh and another two died in Choctaw. Tens of thousands are without power.

Debby and Mike Kaspari are just one story among many, many today in Oklahoma. Their home was destroyed by a tornado this afternoon but, thank God, they came out of the experience safe and sound.

Debby's art is amazing and it makes me sick to realize that much of it may now be scattered across Central Oklahoma. You can see some of her wonderful work on her blog Drawing the Motmot. Debby is @DAMotmot on Twitter and is also on Facebook.

Please keep the Kasparis and the many other Oklahomans touched by the tornadoes tonight in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Premiere Screening of Movie "Pearl" in Moore, Oklahoma

Last night I got to attend the screening of the movie "Pearl" -- the true story of the youngest licensed pilot in American history. Filmed in Oklahoma, produced by the Chickasaw Nation and media 13 it is a movie for all ages. Here are a few pics from the event. The women are (left to right) Oklahoma State Representative Lisa Billy, Oklahoma attorney Lindsay Archer and Oklahoma State Representative Lee Denney.