Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leadership Conference March 12 for Oklahoma Women in Public Service

Entitled "Women Inc: Innovate, Navigate, Create", this conference is on Friday, March 12, 2010 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City (5750 Will Rogers Road). It is sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management, and the Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management.

Through keynote addresses, panel Q & A, breakout sessions, small group discussions, and high levels of interaction, participants will learn ways to:

Innovate – respond to contemporary challenges, rapidly changing systems, and workforce demographics.
Navigate – an approach to career decision making that allows each of us to navigate our own unique path to personal and professional leadership.
Create – tap into fresh value-creating ideas that inspire, promote, and push the boundaries.

Speakers includ Angela Monson, June Elkins-Baker, Paula Hearn, Kim Holland, Sarolyn Stager, Oklahoma's First Lady Kim Henry,  Mrs. Oklahoma Heather Rouba, Connie Schlittler, and more.

Who Should Attend? Current public service employees and students interested in developing their leadership skills or moving into positions of greater responsibility. This conference is for women in public service who have a strong interest in achievement, the drive to advance their careers, and an interest in partnering with others to promote women's leadership.

The conference prefers the participation of a diverse group of professional women, including those who are:

~ new to their organization;
~ actively seeking to develop their careers in public service; and
~ in senior level positions in their organizations continuing to serve, fully engaged in the future leadership challenges in state government.

There is also an opportunity for students to attend the conference. Full-time students who are not yet gainfully employed in a public service field and seeking a career in government are encouraged to attend.

Read all about the program and register to attend at the following website:

Oklahoma S.I.S. website: Reducing incarceration rate of women in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, the Oklahoma Women's Coalition and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections are partnering on an initiative seeking solutions to the high rate of incarceration of women in Oklahoma. We call it Oklahoma S.I.S. for short. you can read more about this effort at the new Oklahoma S.I.S. website:

Ice Boating on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin is Soooo Much Fun

My brother Jim and his wife Natalie have been  ice boating on Geneva Lake in southern Wisconsin.
His yacht got named "Willow Bender," my brother Pete tells me, after Jim crashed into a willow tree near the shoreline. Jim owns and operates Undercover Canvas in Walworth, WI., a fabricator of custom canvas boat covers, roll-up porch curtains, etc. Jim's club is the Boe-Craft Skeeter Association.

Below is a video of ice boaters in action that was taken in front of Gordy's Boathouse Restaurant in Fontana, WI. I am surprised the shots are so smooth because "back in my day" the ride across the ice at close to 100 miles an hour madefor a pretty bouncy ride! I suspect it is because the surface of the lake is incredibly smooth on this occasion. Watch and enjoy!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remembering Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman's birthday was January 26. We like to claim her as an Oklahoman because she attended Langston Industrial College, Oklahoma for one semester in 1910. She was brave and adventuresome and made quite a mark for herself in her short 33 years. The following is from the website  Women's History:

Bessie Coleman
January 26, 1892 (some say  1893) - April 30, 1926
The first African American woman to fly a plane, Bessie Coleman was an aviation pioneer who made her living as a stunt pilot. She intended to start a pilot training school for African Americans, since she had found it so difficult to get admitted to such training, herself.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oklahoma Women's Coalition is reading bills, planning Day at the Capitol March 2

Hang on to your hat! The second session of the 52nd Oklahoma Legislature gets under way Monday, February 1st. The deadline for introducing bills was yesterday with over 2,200 bills introduced. In the Senate, 1082 new bills and 28 new resolutions were filed plus there were 860 Senate bills and 38 Senate resolutions that carried over from last year. In the House of Representatives, 1,153 bills and 31 resolutions were introduced and 901 House bills plus 48 House resolutions carried over from last year. Now the Oklahoma Women's Coalition is busy reading these bills and resolution to identify those that impact women and girls. We'll be tracking bills on aging, education, girls, health, incarceration, violence against women, and work & family.  We'll host a Day at the Capitol on March 2nd to visit legislators and let them know we are available as a resource on women's issues. Visit our website at http:/ learn more and join online. Now the question is -- (how) will we use social media to keep our members and others informed during the Legislative Session? Got a thought? suggestion? Tweet me @jeanwarner or leave a note on Facebook /jeanwarner.

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