Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Boating on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin is Soooo Much Fun

My brother Jim and his wife Natalie have been  ice boating on Geneva Lake in southern Wisconsin.
His yacht got named "Willow Bender," my brother Pete tells me, after Jim crashed into a willow tree near the shoreline. Jim owns and operates Undercover Canvas in Walworth, WI., a fabricator of custom canvas boat covers, roll-up porch curtains, etc. Jim's club is the Boe-Craft Skeeter Association.

Below is a video of ice boaters in action that was taken in front of Gordy's Boathouse Restaurant in Fontana, WI. I am surprised the shots are so smooth because "back in my day" the ride across the ice at close to 100 miles an hour madefor a pretty bouncy ride! I suspect it is because the surface of the lake is incredibly smooth on this occasion. Watch and enjoy!


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