Elected Women

Women In Oklahoma Government
NOTE: For more on this, see the Oklahoma Policy Institute's 2011 Oklahoma Legislative and Budget Process Overview.


Oklahoma has 5 Representatives and 2 Senators in the US Congress; none are women.


There are 11 statewide elective offices in Oklahoma of which three are currently held by women. They are:
Mary Fallin, Governor
Dana Murphy, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner
Janet Barresi, Superintendent of Public Instruction

(III) WOMEN IN THE STATE SENATE ( 4 of 48 or 8%)

Of the 48 members of the Oklahoma State Senate, one is a Republican and three are Democrats. They are:
1.) Judy Eason McIntyre (D - District 11)
2.) Susan Paddack (D - District 13)
3.) Kim David (R - District 18)
4.) Constance N. Johnson (D - District 48)

Women in Senate Leadership Positions for 2011-2012:

Thirty-two of the 48 Senators are Republicans. There are 11 Senate Majority Leadership positions. None are held held by a women.

Sixteen of the 48 Senate members are Democrats. There are 9 Senate Minority Leadership positions. Two are held by women; Judy Eason McIntyre is a Minority Whip and Susan Paddack is the Democratic Caucus Vice Chair.

Women Senate Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs for 2011-12:

There are 21 Senate committees, subcommittees and joint committees. The sole Republican woman, Kim David, is Vice Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.


There are 101 members in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
1.) Sue Tibbs (R - District 23)
2.) Skye McNiel (R - District 29)
3.) Lee Denney (R - District 33)
4.) Marian Cooksey (R - District 39)
5.) Lisa Billy (R - District 42)
6.) Emily Virgin (D - 44)
7.) Leslie Osborn (R - District 47)
8.) Ann Coody (R - District 64)
9.) Jadine Nollan (R - 66)
10.) Pam Peterson (R - District 67)
11.) Jeannie McDaniel (D - District 78)
12.) Sally Kern (R - District 84)
13.) Rebecca Hamilton (D - District 89)
14.) Anastasia Pittman (D - District 99)
15.) Elise Hall (R - 100)

Women in House Leadership Positions for 2011-2012:

Of the 101 members of the House of Representatives, 70 are Republican. There are 24 House Majority Leadership positions of which five positions are held by four Republican women. They are:

Lisa Billy is an Assistant Majority Floor Leader.
Leslie Osborn is an Assistant Majority Floor Leader.
Skye McNiel is the Majority Whip.
Marian Cooksey is an Assistant Majority Whip.
Marian Cooksey is also Secretary of the Majority Caucus.

There are 31 Democrats in the House and 14 House Minority Leadership positions. One is held by a woman; Rep. Jeannie McDaniel is an Assistant Minority Floor Leader.

Women House Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs for 2011-2012:

There are 26 House committees. Six chairmanships went to women:
Pam Peterson (Human Services)
Sue Tibbs (Public Safety)
Ann Coody (Common Education)
Sally Kern (Long-Term Care and Senior Services)
Lee Denney (Appropriations Subcommittee on Education)
Lisa Billy (Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety)

Two vice-chairmanships went to women:
Marian Cooksey (Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Health and Social Services)
Leslie Osborn (Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Regulatory Services)


1907 - Head of Charities and Corrections - Kate Barnard (elected)
1921 - State Senate - Lamar Looney (elected)
1921 - State House of Representatives - Bessie McColgin (elected)
1921 - US House of Representatives - Alice Mary Robertson (elected)
1946 - Secretary of State - Katherine Manton (appointive position)
1963 - State Auditor and Inspector - Imogene Holmes (appointed)
1979 - Corporation Commissioner - Norma Eagleton (appointed, then elected)
1982 - Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice - Alma Wilson (appointed)
1985 - Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Carol Hansen (appointed)
1991 - Attorney General - Susan Loving (appointed)
1991 - State Insurance Commissioner - Cathy Weatherford (appointed)
1991 - State Treasurer - Claudette Henry (initially appointed?)
1991 - Superintendent of Public Instruction - Sandy Garrett (elected)
1993 - Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals - Reta Strubhar (appointed)
1995 - Commissioner of Labor - Brenda Reneau Wynn (elected)
1995 - Lieutenant Governor - Mary Fallin (elected)
2011 - Governor - Mary Fallin (elected)

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