Legis Leaders

2011 Legislative Leadership

Sen. Brian Bingman - President Pro Tempore
Sen. Mike Schulz - Majority Floor Leader
Sen. Anthony Sykes - Asst. Floor Leader
Sen. Clark Jolley - Asst. Floor Leader
Sen. John Ford - Asst. Floor Leader
Sen. Cliff Branan - Majority Whip
Sen. Dan Newberry - Majority Whip
Sen. Gary Stanislawski - Majority Whip
Sen. Rob Johnson - Majority Whip
Sen. Bryce Marlatt - Caucus Chair
Sen. David Holt - Vice Caucus Chair

Sen. Andrew Rice - Democratic Leader
Sen. Sean Burrage - Asst. Democratic Floor Leader
Sen. Roger Ballenger - Asst. Democratic Floor Leader
Sen. John Sparks - Asst. Democratic Floor Leader
Sen. Charles Wyrick - Asst. Democratic Floor Leader
Sen. Earl Garrison - Democratic Whip
Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre -Democratic Whip
Sen. Tom Ivester - Democratic Caucus Chairman
Sen. Susan Paddack - Democratic Caucus Vice Chair

Kris Steele - Speaker of the House
Jeffrey Hickman - Speaker Pro Tempore
Dale DeWitt - Majority Leader
Daniel Sullivan - Majority Floor Leader
Gary Banz - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Lisa Billy - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
George Faught - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Mike Jackson - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Dennis Johnson - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Leslie Osborn - Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Weldon Watson - Majority Caucus Chairman
Harold Wright - Majority Caucus Vice Chairman
Skye McNiel - Majority Whip
Dennis Casey - Assistant Majority Whip
Marian Cooksey - Assistant Majority Whip
Corey Holland - Assistant Majority Whip
Fred Jordan - Assistant Majority Whip
Steve Martin - Assistant Majority Whip
Randy McDaniel - Assistant Majority Whip
Mike Sanders - Assistant Majority Whip
Paul Wesselhoft - Assistant Majority Whip
Marian Cooksey - Majority Caucus Secretary
also Todd Thomsen (Chaplains) and Don Armes (Pages)

Scott Inman - Democratic Minority Leader
Chuck Hoskin - Minority Floor Leader
Eric Proctor - Deputy Minority Floor Leader
Wes Hillard - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Steve Kouplen - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Al McAffrey - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Jeannie McDaniel - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Wade Rousselot - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Mike Shelton - Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Ben Sherrer - Minority Whip
Cory Williams - Assistant Minority Whip
Jerry McPeak - Minority Caucus Chair
Joe Dorman - Minority Caucus Vice Chair
Donnie Condit - Minority Caucus Secretary

SENATE Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs for 2011-12:

There are 48 State Senators; 32 are Republican making the republicans the majority party in the Senate. There are four women in the Senate -- one women (Kim David) and 3 Democrats (Constance Johnson, Judy McIntyre, and Susan Paddack).

There are  21 Senate  committees, subcommittees and joint committees. The sole Republican woman, Kim David, is Vice Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

You can see all Senate committee leadership positions by clicking here.

HOUSE Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs for 2011-2012:

There are 101 Representatives in the House; 70 are Republicans making Republicans the majority party in the House. There are fifteen women in the House -- 11 (Lisa Billy, Ann Coody, Marian Cooksey, Lee Denney, Elise Hall, Sally Kern, Skye McNiel, Jacine Nollan, Leslie Osborn, Pam Peterson and Sue Tibbs) are Republicans and 4 (Rebecca Hamilton, Jeannie McDaniel, Anastasia Pittman and Emily Virgin) are Democrats.

There are 26 House committees. Six chairmanships went to women:
Pam Peterson (Human Services)
Sue Tibbs (Public Safety)
Ann Coody (Common Education)
Sally Kern (Long-Term Care and Senior Services)
Lee Denney (Appropriations Subcommittee on Education)
Lisa Billy (Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety)

Two vice-chairmanships went to women:
Marian Cooksey (Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Health and Social Services)
Leslie Osborn (Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Regulatory Services)

You can see all House committee leadership positions by clicking here.

Key Deadlines - Oklahoma Legislature
February 7: Session convenes
March 3: Deadline for reporting House bills and joint resolutions from House Committees
March 17: Final day for 3rd Reading & Final Passage of a measure in the house of origin
April 14: Deadline for reporting Senate bills and joint resolutions from House committees
April 28: Final day for 3rd Reading & Final Passage of a measure in opposite house of origin
May 27: Adjournment no later than 5:00 pm