Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23: 34th Anniversary of Title IX Passage

Thank you, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, for your email reminding me that the landmark civil rights law that prohibits education and athletic programs that receive federal funding from discriminating on the basis of gender is 34 years old today. Pelosi said:

"Title IX has empowered hundreds of thousands of young women on the soccer field and in the classroom by ensuring equal opportunity for women and girls in athletics and education. Because of Title IX, young women's participation in athletics has increased 400 percent at the college level and 800 percent in high schools.

“But more importantly, because of Title IX, women and girls know that they can succeed not only on the playing field and in the classroom, but also in the halls of power and corporate boardrooms. Title IX has empowered countless girls and women to be stronger and bolder through a simple message: your education is crucial and your future is limitless."

The Bush Administration has issued a new ‘Clarification’ on Title IX that some fear creates major loopholes and lowers the standard for Title IX compliance. Keep a watchful eye on this issue.

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