Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lisa Pryor Begins 2nd Year As OK Demo Party Chair

Lisa Pryor recently began her second year as Chairman and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. When she first came in, the party had a debt of $524,000 (much of that from Brad Carson's failed run for the US Senate). That's down to $271,000 today. Yikes. Word on the street is she is doing a good job. Congrats, Lisa.
Addendum: Opps. Not "re-elected" ~ Lisa was elected for two years so is just starting the second half of her 2-year term. Click on "Comment" below to read more.

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  1. Thanks for the good words Jean! I was elected in May 2005 to serve a two year term. I just finished the first year and during this second year I am focused on winning elections in November. In fact, my watchword these days is "Remember November." If your readers are interested in what's going on at the Oklahoma Democratic Party you can read our blog called OK Blue Notes at