Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vote Mary Fallin for US Congress Aug 22

Good for the The Oklahoman today for endorsing Lt. Governor Mary Fallin for the 5th Congressional District. Fallin's legislative experience will let her hit the ground running. She has a good understanding of all of Oklahoma's needs and interests. In this red state, a Republican is going to replace Ernest Istook and it should be Fallin - not her opponent. (And I don't want to hear about and supposed personal dirt on this candidate; she went through an unfortunate divorce a long time ago. Give it a rest. Let's run on the issues, please.)

It is time Oklahoma sent a woman to Congress. Women legislators conceptualize problems differently, are more likely to offer new solutions, are more responsive to constituent requests and much more (read the research findings on this here).

All that said, The Oklahoman had me at "Fallin's campaign has generally been clean..." Say no more. Know what I mean, wink, wink? Fallin is a good, honest candidate; she deserves your vote.

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