Friday, October 20, 2006

The Wonderful Jean Gumerson Has Died

Farewell to Oklahoma City's most extraordinary civic leader -- Jean Gumerson. She died October 18, 2006 and will be greatly missed by the whole state.

I have been in many meetings where someone said, "What we need to do is just clone Jean Gumerson and our problem will be solved" or "Where can we find some more civic leaders like Jean Gumerson?" From a personal perspective, she was always a wonderfully supportive friend to both Larkin and me. She was one of the first donors of a full scholarship to N.E.W. Leadership; back then, I was just learning how to fundraise and she was amazingly gracious and kind.

Click here to read the Oklahoman story about Jean and also to read her obituary. Her memorial service will be at 11 am on Saturday at Westminister Presbyterian Church in OKC. Rest in peace, Jean.

1 comment:

  1. Jean was an amazing woman. She was gracious, determined and enjoyed a hearty laugh.

    I will miss her.