Friday, January 26, 2007

2007 Inductees to Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the nine women who will be inducted into the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame at the State Capitol on March 29. They know who they are and I will announce them here on Monday when the Commission on the Status of Women sends out a press release.

The mission of the OCSW is to improve the quality of life for women, families, and children in Oklahoma. The Commission established the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame in 1982 to recognize Oklahoma women who are pioneers in their field or in projects that benefit Oklahoma, who have made a significant contribution to the state of Oklahoma, who serve or have served as role models to other Oklahoma women, who are "unsung heroes" who have made a difference in the lives of Oklahomans or Americans because of their actions, who have championed other women, women's issues, or who have served as public policy advocates for issues important to women. Eighty women have previously been inducted into the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame.

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