Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remember Baby Katrina Gomez

Three-month old Katrina Gomez died March 4, 2007. Her adoptive father, Gerardo Roldon Cardenas, age 39, is being charged with her death.

While Cardenas was babysitting Katrina in their home in Guymon, OK, he grabbed the baby and threw her on the bed causing her head to bounce off the mattress at least 2 times and then with an open hand struck the baby across the face very hard. The autopsy revealed multiple contusions of the face and forehead, subscalplular, subdural and epidural hemorrhages, fractures of the anterior cranial fossa, pronounced cerebral edema, subdural hemorrhade around spinal cord, clinical history of retinal hemorrhages, hemorrage within extrinis muscles of eye, cause of death, abusive head trauma in the manner of homicide.

According to what he told police, he never meant for the child to be the victim of his anger and he was just mad. He had had an argument with his wife at noon, before she left to go work. Cardenas wife, Ismailia and 2 other children are not cooperating with the police in this case according to Detectives.

A detective reported that Cardenas made the statement while he was being escorted to a police unit, "This country kills four million babies a year in abortions and you make a big deal about this. I don't understand it."

Source. Email from Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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