Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kenya Mission Trip - Final Thoughts

I have had a surprisingly hard time shaking jet lag since returning from Kenya this time. But, I am taking myself off vacation and getting back to work as of tomorrow so expect a back log of posts!
Sorting through the pictures and video I took in Kenya in October, you'd think all we did was sit around and goo at the baby. But we DID actually get alot accomplished and I came home with a new task - putting down a floor in a classroom at the Kaaga Primary School so the room can become a small elementary school library/reading room. These kids don't have a diningroom; they eat on the ground except for during the rainy seasons (I guess they eat in the classrooms when it rains). But they'd rather have a library than a diningroom. Want to help me make that happen? If so, leave a comment or email me at jeanwarner at cox dot net.

(Read my most recent Kenya blog at and Kate McLain's blog on the mission trip at We lost Internet connection just about the time I flew home but I will finish posting about the mission trip from OKC over the next week and Kate will do the same as soon as she returns home next Friday.)

Above are pictures of the future library at Kaaga Primary School, the shack that serves as the school's "kitchen" and some of the kids. The school only serves food to the kindergarten students; the rest bring a lunch, go home for lunch, or do without.

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