Friday, December 21, 2007

Oklahoma's Oldest - Kristine Browne - Dies At 110

Kristine Browne of Alva was Oklahoma's oldest known citizen. She recently died -- passing the title on to 97 year old Haddie Payne of Stratford. She studied mathematics at Columbia University, taught many years and was interviewed by photographer M.J. Alexander for her remarkable project - Salt of the Red Earth. The photos shown here were taken by M.J. Alexander; go see her exhibit NOW at the Oklahoma Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City (it closes December 31)! Or buy the book. Or view a slide show on the Oklahoman's website. You can read more about the extraordinary Ms. Browne here and here.
CORRECTION: Thanks, Edward for correcting me on my BIG error above. He notes that she was "109 years, 93 days. She was Oklahoma's oldest resident and citizen for just one week."

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