Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post Ice Storm December 2007

How is everyone? Have you survived the great ice storm of December 2007?

Our all electric household was without electricity until late Saturday night. We also took in our invalid neighbor who called us at 3 AM Monday morning from the Emergency Room of Integris Baptist Medical Center saying she'd been there since noon the day before, they had finally seen her that evening and now they'd given her a prescription, called a taxi, said they'd pay the cab fare and told her that she had to leave. She could go home (impossible since she can't move about on her own), to a shelter (grim) or "somewhere else" - so we became the somewhere else. None of us expected it would turn into a 5 day stay. But the night we got our electricity back, we went to a lovely Christmas party at a friend's home where we got to rub shoulders with lots of great folks including the wonderful and creative Wayne Coyne. Life is good.

Hope you are rebounding. I'm starting a list of things the TV folks didn't tell us to do to prepare for an ice storm - like charge your cell phone and laptop; take a lovely long hot bath, shave your legs and wash your hair; (for those of us with electric water heaters) boil water, fill your thermoses and keep them by your bathroom sinks for washing up; and, when they say "stock up on batteries"and your battery driven little TV set takes 10 D-batteries, buy 30! Got any tips or suggestions you want to add to my list?

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