Friday, January 04, 2008

Know of any Museum Exhibits Profiling Oklahoma Women?

Travel writer Elaine Warner ( is looking for Oklahoma museums with significant exhibits on Oklahoma women. So far, she has identified exhibits at the Augusta Metcalfe Museum, the 99s Museum, the Pioneer Woman Museum and the Alice Robertson exhibit at the Three Rivers Museum in Muskogee. Do you know of any other exhibits we can recommend to Elaine? Click on COMMENT below of go directly to Thanks!

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  1. Please don't overlook the museum exhibits offered at Marland's Grand Home in Ponca City. One of the exhibits features an entire room of Native American women's artifacts.This matriarchal room is full of wonderful examples of the culture and artwork of these women.

    In another room, the Ponca City Chapter of the Daughter's of the American Revolution features two rooms of history of the part women have played in American history.

    Both exhibits are well worth the visit.

    Paula Carmack Denson, co-president
    Friends of Marland's Grand Home Foundation