Friday, March 07, 2008

Catheryn Koss & The Senior Law Resource Center in OKC

I met Catheryn Koss when she was with World Neighbors (she co-authored with Peter Gubbels From the Roots Up: Strengthening Organizational Capacity through Guided Self-Assessment (see image left) a how-to guide that helps community groups recognize their own potential, identify critical issues for program development, and decide for themselves what actions to take. Catheryn taught the gressroots organizing workshop at N.E.W. Leadership several times but took off for law school.

When she graduated from OCU Law in 2005, she founded the Senior Law Resource Center, a non-profit organization providing legal information and services to Oklahoma elders and caregivers. At the Center, Catheryn and other lawyers offer assistance on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. You don't have to been old - just have a "senior" issue needing to be addressed. And you don't have to be needy - they handle all the standard law issues we need as we approach retirement like wills and trusts.

But they are also experts on financial exploitation, elder abuse and neglect, incapacity and end-of-life planning, hospice and palliative care, assisted living and nursing homes, Medicare, Social Security and retirement. Since women have a tendency to outlive men in our society, this is a wonderful resource for older woman. Check out their website here. And here is a piece Catheryn wrote for lawyers on advanced directives for health care you might want to read.

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