Friday, May 09, 2008

Cynthia Crowe Meyerson Recognized for Her Service to Oklahoma Children

On May 8, 2008 during the Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc.'s "Phenomenal Women" Annual Membership Luncheon, Cynthia Crowe Meyerson was presented the "Presidents Spirit of Commitment Award."

This award recognizes the true "spirit of commitment" shown by a Junior League Sustainer for her continuing effort and commitment to our community. This was a new award category this year designed to recognize a member who has created real change. It may or may not be presented every year. How very appropriate that the first JL member recognized was Cynthia Meyerson.

For many years, Cynthia has work hard and courageously gathering information, formulating solutions, working with a wide range of organizations and agencies to improve the lot of Oklahoma's children including those in Oklahoma's foster care system. She also served on the state's Pardon and Parole Board, is a women's rights advocate, and much more. I wouldn't try to count the hours she has spent at the State Capitol lobbying legislators on behalf of children.

Hurray for Cynthia! We are so pleased and proud you have been recognized for a lifetime of caring and commitment. And, thanks, also, to her loving, supporting husband, Jim (left in this picture) who backed her up all along the way.

I was honored to share in this celebratory event with many of Cynthia's friends including Janice Hendryx, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth. Years ago, I had a small hand in helping design OCCY's initial facility oversight instruments.

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