Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jo Ann Pearce Leads A Chance to Change Foundation

My husband belongs to the Oklahoma City Downtown Rotary (Club 29) which meets every Tuesday at noon. I have lots of female friends who also belong and one of them, Meg Salyer -- who won the Journal Record's Woman of the Year in 2003, served as president of Club 29 a few years back. So I keep an eye on the organization - wondering if they will ever have a second female president and hoping that a few of their speakers will be females over the course of a year (other than Sherri Coale, that is).

So I was pleased to hear that Jo Ann Pearce, Executive Director of A Chance to Change Foundation, spoke to Club 29 this week. Her organization was founded in 1979 and works with individuals who are affected by chemical dependency and related behavioral disorders. She has an awesome resume and word is she gave a very good talk. Yes!

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