Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Meg Salyer Replaces Ann Simank on Oklahoma City's City Council

Renowned and highly respected Oklahoma City business and civic leader Meg Salyer (right) recently filed for the Ward 6 seat on the City of Oklahoma City's Council. The position is being vacated by Ann Simank (left) because her son is becoming an OKC fireman and OKC has a no nepotism policy. Ann Simank endorsed Salyer bringing her campaign resources, followers and the blessing of a dearly loved and respected public official. Then Salyer's only opponent, Clarence Warstler ended his campaign because of a death in his family. So it is a done deal. Meg Salyer is the next Ward 6 City Councilwoman for Oklahoma City. Yeah for Meg and yeah for OKC because this means there will still be one solitary female serving on the 9-member city council.
Click here to read a nice article on this topic from The Journal Record. (It actually comes to us through Examiner.com since The Journal Record usually makes you have a subscription to access their website. (Boo, hiss, Mary Melon; once a story is 3+ days old, why not put it out on the Internet and bring some well deserved recognition to your excellent newspaper?)

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