Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oklahoma Magazine Names "75 Great Oklahoma Websites"

Oklahoma Magazine's November 2008 issue has an article (Click here to view it) entitled "75 Great Oklahoma Websites." I am pleased to be named and to be in such fine company. I am also very proud that so many of the websites selected are authored by Oklahoma women!
Photo credit: The above image was lifted without permission from the Oklahoma Magazine website. Did I mention that you can subscribe to this fine magazine by clicking here?

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  1. Congrats, Jean! That is a great, ecelectic list. I was surpised to see tourism, historical society and WIMGO on the list. I've actually been pleased with WIMGO's performance in terms of clients I've used it for. And, of course, so many great blogs that have been at it a long time. Tourism and OHS have devoted big resources to their Web sites, so it's nice to see that recognized. I refer to both those sites almost as much as your's. Note, I said ALMOST. Ha!