Monday, November 10, 2008

Carolyn Hart Book Series Based in Oklahoma

From Full Circle Book Store in Oklahoma City:

Carolyn Hart to Sign Newest Mystery Ghost at Work on Thursday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m.

Carolyn Hart returns to Full Circle to celebrate the release of her newest mystery Ghost at Work--which was just named as one of Publishers Weekly's "Best Books of the Year."

Booksellers quickly learn that successful authors as a group are not necessarily easy to work with or always open to their readers. Carolyn is the exception. Oklahoma's most honored (and prolific) mystery writer is charming, articulate and wonderfully talented.

Ghost at Work is the debut of Carolyn's new heroine, the late Bailey Ruth Raeburn, and is her first mystery series set in Oklahoma.

Bailey Ruth Raeburn has always been great at solving mysteries. So why should a little thing like her death change anything? As a freshman member of Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, Bailey Ruth's first mission back on Earth finds her back home in Adelaide, Oklahoma. Turns out that Kathleen, the local pastor's wife, is in a fix. With Bailey Ruth's assistance - sometimes seen and sometimes not - Kathleen sets out to thwart a canny killer who has set a devilish trap for Kathleen and her husband.

Join us Thursday evening to visit with Carolyn and celebrate the release of her new series.


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  2. Carolyn has been at it a long time !

    Here is a link to a blog post about the New Hampshire State Senate reaching a female majority.

    There's hope yet.

  3. I thought she wrote about the Tahlequah area in a previous series?