Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dana Murphy Sworn In As Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner

Today Dana Murphy was sworn in as Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner.

In a packed courtroom, surrounded by elected officials, family and well wishers, she actually took two pledges!

Jane Jayroe Gamble served as master of ceremony. Kim Swyden gave the invocation. Misty Farmer sang. The other two Corporation Commissioners, Bob Anthony and Jeff Cloud, made welcoming remarks and recognized the many dignitaries present.

Justice Steven Taylor did the official swearing in after which Dana gave a wonderful talk. Everyone grinned and cheered and then we ate yellow and blue cookies! Congratulations, Dana!

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  1. Ha! And did you have blue teeth after eating the cookies? I found out a long time ago, don't eat the blue icing on anything. Blue teeth makes red face.

  2. No! All the dana cookies were gone by the time I got out into the hall for the reception; Got stuck with eating a delicious yellow cookie instead. Yellow smiles....