Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oklahoma Women's Coalition on OETA's Oklahoma News Report

I got to talk about the Oklahoma Women's Coalition on OETA's "Oklahoma News Report" last night. Oklahoma's newspapers are coping with the depressed economy by cutting back on staff -- including Capitol Bureau reporters. So Oklahoma is truly blessed to have a statewide educational television station committed to reporting on what is happening in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Thank you OETA - and especially Lori Rasmussen for sending me a Tweet, Bob Sands for lining me up (don't wear green if you will be sitting in front of a green screen), Dick Pryor for asking great questions, George Tomek and Ross Dixon for making me feel at ease (and for the thumbs up signs)!

And very special thanks to the nice young man I flagged down in the KOCO-TV parking lot at 6:12pm in desperation (yes - in spite of Bob's great directions I managed to get hopelessly lost). He just smiled and said, "Follow me" and drove to the OETA studios! God is good.

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  1. congratulations, jean! you did a great job.