Saturday, July 04, 2009

~ Oklahoma's Pioneer Woman Museum

Last Saturday night, the YWCA of Oklahoma City presented me with their Embrace Award (thank you, thank you) PLUS the gorgeous statue in this photo!

It reminded me that I wanted to purchase "Pioneer Women' statues to present to women who do extraordinary things to advance the mission of the Oklahoma Women's Coalition. But it turned out I couldn't FIND a "Pioneer Woman" statue. Not even a little bitty one. I need to make a trip to the Pioneer Woman Museum and see if I can't talk them into selling statues on their website.

Speaking of their website, it begins with the following paragraph.
The Pioneer Woman Museum showcases the history of women in Oklahoma and their influence on the development of the state and nation and preserves the legacy of women from all races, creeds, and nationalities who have made significant contributions to the history of Oklahoma. The world-famous 30 ft. tall bronze statue commemorating the heroic character of the women who braved dangers and hardships to settle in Oklahoma is featured.
Now I am really inspired to make the trip to Ponca City!

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