Friday, September 04, 2009

Ovarian Cancer Luncheon at OK Govenor's Mansion (followup)

For those of us who couldn't swing an invitation to the first annual Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's luncheon at the Governor's Mansion Pavilion this week, you can at least catch a glimpse on this video -->

FYI, click here to read an August 4 article by Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal entitled Toward Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer. It will give a little encouragement but the current statistics will break your heart. Tell your lady friends: a PAP does NOT screen for ovarian cancer (only cervical); our life time risk of getting this nasty thing is 1 in 70; this is "the silent killer" because there aren't any really clear symptoms; most cases are not detected until they are far along which is why only 45% of patients survive more than 5 years.

Thank God for physicians like Joan Walker who is doing important research and spoke at the recent luncheon (and who is my dear friend Florence's surgeon).

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