Tuesday, October 06, 2009

NPR's "Weekend Edition" host Scott Simon Visits

National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Saturday" host Scott Simon and Director, Sarah Beyer Kelly, with Oklahoma economist (and my darling husband) Larkin Warner. Scott and Sarah taped an interview with Larkin in our living room last week. It should be featured either this coming Saturday or the following Saturday. :-)


  1. Anonymous4:49 AM

    :) Congratulations. I enjoy your posts and this site is a very good crossroads of information!
    Diana Winslow, Atlanta

  2. I see Larkin from time to time when I observer the Incentive Review Committee meetings, seem like a great guy. How do you two feel about Maps 3 and a 260 million convention center?

  3. We are thrilled with the economic development momentum Oklahoma City is enjoying these days - in part from the MAPS(1) and MAPS for Kids projects. So we are going to vote YES on the MAPS 3 ballot and then watch the City Council carefully. Wish there was more detail to how the money will be spent but trust the city to do as well with MAPS 3 as they did with the earlier projects. After all, how many cities get a chance to create a river and a "Central park" in their downtown where an Interstate used to be?! How exciting.

  4. Diana,
    Thanks for commenting. You may be my most remote Commenter (if not my furthest reader). :-)