Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two of my husband's recent studies now on the Internet

Grrrrr - I just tried to put the links to two reports that Larkin did recently on Twitter/Facebook. The titles of his reports are longer that 140 characters - let alone adding the link. And the State Chamber and the Oklahoma City Chamber have them as pdf files that have to be downloaded. WHY can't they just put them out on the Internet as a unique URL, please?!?! Then I screwed up the " bitly" shortened links. I HATE that Twitter/Facebook don't let you delete a post when you realize it contains inaccurate information.  Whats with that? (Or maybe they do and I'm just too old to figure out all this new fangled stuff.) As far as I am concerned, blogging isn't dead; I still prefer it to tweeting!

And, in case anyone is interested, here is:

"Executive Summary: Impact Analysis of Oklahoma City's MAPS and Other Significant Central City Investments" prepared for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce by Larkin Warner and Eric Long (Revised February 2009)


Dr. Warner: The Administration of Oklahoma State Government Promotion of Economic Development

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