Monday, August 23, 2010

Norman Artist Debbie Kaspari Finds Sketch Books After Tornado

Great new! Oklahoma artist Debbie Kaspari, who lost her Norman home to a tornado, found her sketchbooks! She said, "I swear I heard angels singing when my sketchbooks were found. The roof was chainsawed and peeled back, and under the debris, there they were. Safe." You can read more at her post Nature is a moody muse. The image of Debbie working in her ruins cames from her terrific blog Drawing the Motmot. It was taken by photographer extraordinaire Tim Ryan who's blog is From the Faraway, Nearby. TR's blog was runner up for the 2009 Okie Blog Award for Best Photography. Just one of his MANY amazing photos is posted below.

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  1. So great she found her sketchbooks. Her artwork is amazing. I was impressed she pulled together so much strong work after the storm for a show at JRB Gallery in Paseo, very resilient.