Friday, November 05, 2010

OCU Grads Angela Monson, Martha Peixotto-Smith, Ekaterina Marsakova Zoubkova Honored

Oklahoma City University's Alumni Association will honor several special alum this weekend including Angela Monson, Martha Pelxotto-Smith, Ekaterina Marsakova Zoubkova. Here is what OCU says about these extraordinary women:
Monson, ’76, was elected chair of the Oklahoma City School Board last year. She has been engaged in activities related to health care policy for 28 years and currently serves as associate provost for the Office of Community Partnerships and Health Policy at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. She also serves as an adjunct associate professor in the department of family and preventive medicine. She is a member of the OU Medical Center Board of Trustees and of the Oklahoma City/County Board of Health. Monson was a member of the Oklahoma State Senate from 1993 until November 2005 and of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from November 1990 until her election to the Senate. She was the primary sponsor or co-sponsor for much of the legislation pertaining to health care coverage, financing and delivery systems in Oklahoma and was one of the chief architects of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, the state’s Medicaid Agency. As a community activist, Monson has worked with elementary schools, churches and other community organizations providing technical support and assistance to many after-school programs and other related initiatives.
Peixotto-Smith, ’06, earned her Masters in Nursing Degree from OCU’s Kramer School of nursing. She is retired as director of emergency services, outpatient services and the transplant program at St. Anthony Hospital. Peixotto-Smith also served on the Governors Council for trauma Legislation and Emergency Preparedness. She continues to serve on the Oklahoma State board of Health Traumatic Brain Injury Council and outreach programs,such as the largest feeding program in Tulsa with trinity Episcopal Parish. Peixotto-Smith teaches part-time for Oklahoma City University. She said herlife has been enriched by attending OCU, not only helping her re-tool from an acute-care nurse to a nurse educator, but also pointing her to serve in the science and art of nursing wherever she is called.
Zoubkova, ’95, learned about OCU through St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. A native of Ulyanovsk, Russia, she transferred to OCU in 1994 and decided to become a pastor. After graduating from OCU, Zoubkova attended the Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City and then returned to Russia to begin serving a church in Pervouralsk, Siberia. Her husband’s job later took her to Tyumen, Siberia, where there was no United Methodist Church so Zoubkova became a social worker and started a local church. Today, she serves as pastor of the Tyumen United Methodist Church of the Salvation and is the only female pastor in the region. Her church is involved in humanitarian aid to former orphans now in prison and to orphans in Usalka and Uspenka. She also conducts a prison ministry prisoners and guards.


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