Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Oklahoma Task Force To Study Children of Incarcerated Parents

House Bill 1197 -- which creates the Children of Incarcerated Parents Task Force -- passed both chambers of the Oklahoma legislature and has been signed by the Governor. Authored by Rep. Jeannie McDaniel and Sen. Patrick Anderson, the law creates a 21-member task force to look at needs of children of incarcerated parents. There will be subcommittees on safety issues; data on the number of children with a parent in prison; outreach; education; economic supports; and research. The task force will also be a clearinghouse for resources and will review existing legislation that affects children of incarcerated parents. A final report is due  Jan. 1, 2012 including goals, desired outcomes and recommendations.

Want to learn about other Oklahoma bills impacting children? Check out the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy's website at

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