Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tulsa Community Women's Reentry Project

Created by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Division of Female Offender Operations in partnership with Resonance Center for Women, Inc., the Tulsa Community Women's Reentry Project has been in operation since April 2011. The project's goal is to help female offenders find jobs within 30 days of prison release. To qualify, one must be a non-violent female offender with children, who will be returning to Tulsa upon release and who has a parole officer.  Project leaders begin meeting with these women 3 to 6 months prior to their release.  Upon release, they receive a reentry basket filled with necessities. They enter work readiness classes, get help finding child care and, if necessary, receive substance abuse  treatment. On graduation after 6 months, the women receive a professional mentor. The project is took 100 women during the first year. This effort is funded by a federal grant with additional funding from the George Kaiser Family Foundation of Tulsa. 

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