Monday, September 26, 2011

World Neighbor's "Work of Women" to be Honored October 4

At their 31st annual Woman of the Year Gala on October 6, The Journal Record is also honoring five Oklahoma nonprofits that benefit women. One of the five honorees this year is World Neighbor's Work of Women! (WOW!).

Members of the WOW! program are committed to improving women's lives in poor, rural villages throughout the world. By joining together in this work, their efforts are multiplied and truly create change.

In keeping with World Neighbors approach, members partner with women in World Neighbors program sites to support collective work that builds skills, community trust and better living conditions. Women are encouraged and supported to join together for development work that moves them beyond subsistence, improves their and their families' health and inspires increased participation and leadership in their villages and beyond. Involvement with this work changes our lives as well.

WOW! members join this effort by donating $35 ($25 for students) or more per year to WOW! at World Neighbors. Membership is spread throughout the world, but WOW! members are predominately girls and women living in the U.S. of all ages, backgrounds, races and religions.

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