Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Support Okie Film "Baking Alaska" via Kickstarter

Heard of Kickstarter - the funding platform for creative projects? 

Now YOU can use Kickstarter to support an Okie woman - documentary film maker Kari Barber - who is making a documentary film about two strong-headed Oklahoma sisters from Moore, Oklahoma who travel to Alaska to open a bakery.

Filming is complete and Kari has hired an Oklahoma composer and an Alaskan one. She hopes to  have the film totally finished by January 1st and will be sending it for color and audio correction services in January to have it ready to begin submitting to festivals by February 1st and planning screening events next spring as well.  

Funds raised through Kari's Kickstarter account will pay for the composer, sound and color technicians, and festival fees.  Become a supporter of this fun Oklahoma film about Oklahoma women. 

They need $10,000, have raised $2,400 and have 20 days to go! A $25 donation gets you a digital (downloadable) copy of the film. Give more and get other fun rewards. Check it out at  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1192822328/baking-alaska-almost-done?ref=card

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