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Tweets Re Some of My Favorite Deceased Extraordinary Oklahoma Women

March was Women's History Month ( During February 2013 -- which was African American History Month -- I had tweeted about extraordinary African American Oklahoma women. For March 2013 -- Women's History Month -- I decided to tweet on extraordinary Oklahoma women who are deceased. Below are those tweets:

Mildred Imach Cleghorn 1910-1997. Chair, Fort Sill Chiricahua/Warm Spring Apache Tribe 18 years

Mona Sue Salyer Lambird 1938-1999. 1st female president of the Oklahoma Bar Association (1996)

2nd female president of Oklahoma Bar Assoc = Stillwater attorney Melissa DeLacerda (2003)

Edith Kinney Gaylord 1916-2001. Pioneering journalist/

Jeane Kirkpatrick 1925-2006. 1st woman appointed permanent US rep to United Nations (1981-85)

Jessie Thatcher Bost 1875-1963. 1st woman graduate from Oklahoma A&M College - today's OSU - & OK's 1st woman graduate.

Read more about Oklahoma's Jessie Thatcher Bost at…

Mary "Te Ata" Thompson 1895-1995. Chickasaw actress/storyteller. 1st person named Oklahoma State Treasure

Mabel Bassett 1876-1935 Politician, OK's 3rd Commissioner of Charities & Corrections 1923-1947

Louise Fluke designed our state flag…

Pilot/Chickasaw legislator Pearl Carter…

Eula Pearl Carter Scott 1915-2005. Chickasaw. Holds record of youngest pilot in US at the time of her 1st solo 9-12-29

"Sagebrush Artist" Augusta Metcalfe, 1881-1971, farmed 78 yrs in Cheyenne, OK; her paintings won nationwide acclaim

SxSW Google Glass panel included developer of contact lens version like in @leolaporte @TWiT@jeffjarvis

Lucille Mulhall 1885-1940 "America's Greatest Horsewoman;" her performance lead to coining the term "cowgirl" in 1905

Here are links to info on Okie horsewoman Lucille Mulhall: Book & good

Ck out "Who's Rocking the Cradle?: Women Pioneers of Oklahoma Politics From Socialism to the KKK, 1900-1930" (S Schrems)...

Susan Ryan Peters from Anadarko, Oklahoma founded the Kiowa Indian School of Art

Alice Brown Davis 1852-1935. Principal chief of Seminole Tribe 1922-1935; 1st woman to hold post

Okie Mae Boren Axton had over 200 of her songs recorded. Her son was songwriter/singer/actor Hoyt Axton.

Mae Boren Axton 1914-1997. Songwriter best known for co-writing "Heartbreak Hotel," Elvis Presley’s 1st single on RCA

Bertha Teague, 1906-91. Basketball coach Byng HS Ada 1927-69. Career record 1,157 to 115; video

Bertha Teague founded 1st girl's basketball clinic & camp in SW USA. Named Coach of the Decade for '30s, '40s & '70s

Perle Mesta 1890-1975. Socialite, Minister to Luxembourg 1949-1953. See "Perle: My Story"

Perle Mesta was an ardent feminist, a member of National Women's Party, and helped start the World Women's Party.

Perle Mesta's social skills (aka Hostess with the Mostess) were inspiration for Irving Berlin's "Call Me Madame"

Tulsan Sadie Adwon was 1st woman general manager of an Oklahoma TV station (KTUL). OK Broadcasters Hall of Fame 1989

Lamar Looney, 1871-1935. 1st woman elected to the Oklahoma Senate; served 4 terms (1920-1927)

In 1926, Lamar Looney ran unsuccessfully for US Senate. She supported women's right to vote and, at age 52, was admitted to Oklahoma bar.

Bessie McColgin 1875-1972. 1st woman elected to Oklahoma House of Representatives (1920). See

Alma Bell Wilson 1917-1999. 1st female appointed (1982) to OK Supreme Court. See video

Alma Wilson earned her JD from University of Oklahoma in 1941 when less than 3% of US lawyers were women. See bio

Winnie M. Sanger was Oklahoma's first female doctor (1904).

Alice Mary Robertson 1854-1931. 2nd woman in USA to serve in US Congress; 1st from Oklahoma

"Angie Debo: Pioneering Historian" by Shirley Leckie; PBS's great documentary "Indians, Outlaws, and Angie Debo"

Angie Debo 1890-1988. Teacher, leading historian, scholar, & author on Indian history. See "And Still The Waters Run"

Kate Barnard, 1874-1930: 1st women in US elected to statewide office (OK Commissioner of Charities & Corrections 1907)

Zora Brown 1949-2013: Advocate 4 cancer research & breast cancer awareness among minorities

Okie songwriter Mae Boren Axton, 1914-1997, co-wrote Elvis Presley’s 1st RCA single "Heartbreak Hotel." 200+ of her songs were recorded.

Oklahoman Mae Boren Axton wrote the book "Country Singers As I Know ‘em." Her son was songwriter/singer/actor Hoyt Axton.

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