Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Will You Honor Women's History Month (About.Com: Women's History)

Below is from the newsletter prepared by Jone Johnson Lewis ( Women's History), entitled Your Guide to Women's History.

March 1 begins Women's History Month (in the U.S., anyway). I've featured in this week's newsletter an article about the origin of Women's History Month.

It's still Black History Month until March begins, so I've also highlighted a few more of the African American women you may know and some you probably don't.

I'd still love to include your Women's History Month story, so do think about sharing your experience in how to honor the month so that others can learn from it.

Don't miss the "Must Reads" to the right of the main articles in this newsletter, and the headlines of a few additional articles below.

Women's History Month
How did March come to be Women's History Month? Read about the history of this time set aside to pay particular attention to the distaff side of history: Women's History Month

Pioneers: Black Women in Congress
Two black women were pioneers in their service in the U.S. Congress: Shirley Chisholm was elected in 1968, winning a seat from Brooklyn, and was the first black woman in the House. Barbara Jordan joined her in 1972, becoming the first black woman from the South elected to Congress, and one of the first two African Americans since Reconstruction elected to Congress.

Adding Sex Discrimination to the Civil Rights Act
Women were added to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a joke and to defeat the bill, right? Another myth of women's history bites the dust: read more

How Have You Honored Women's History Month?
Contribute your story to help others learn from your experience.

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